Combined Cadet Force’s Parade Night on 24th October 2017

[26 Oct 2017]

This evening we were joined by Cpl James Shipley and Cpl William Simms, senior cadets who led the troops into a mock battle sequence!

Secret mission commands were conveyed and cadets had to decipher the extensive instructions from Morse Code against the clock. Crossing dangerous terrain, (the benches in the Year 7 play area), vulnerable open landscapes (muddy patches of grass), and taking cover in dense forest, the advancing reconnaissance patrol scaled the deadly lava flow (paths and play grounds), avoiding scouts from the enemy camp. 

 In a bid to reach the safe harbour (the MUGA), many casualties were taken by falling from their stepping stones, meeting a grisly end in the lava, all the while under attack from the stakeout patrol, who successfully captured almost an entire company of cadets.

Those taken prisoner suffered a worse fate – enduring drill training in the middle of the battlefield. Just five brave, advancing cadets made it to the safe harbour, no thanks to Harry Thompson who left four of his stranded comrades to face their fate in a rather ambitious leap for escape, stealing their stepping stones and leaving them for dead!

To what end?

Skills covered included decoding; time-critical decision making; communication; logic problem solving; navigation; responding to changing pressures and hazards; agility; health and safety considerations and protecting our comrades.

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