Comic Relief – The Big Guess-athon

[15 Mar 2021]

Next week we celebrate Comic Relief. What can be more entertaining for our students than watching their teachers do something daft?!

Who doesn’t want to see Mrs Stephenson force as many marshmallows down her mouth as she can, Mrs Ritchie eating spoonfuls of Hot Sauce or Mr Smith trying to survive in an Ice Bath?! All for charity!

In Tutor students will get to make predictions for all the different challenges. Thank you to our Year 10 Event Operations students for coming up with the challenges.

All we’re asking for is a small donation of £1. It will go towards a great cause and help lots of people that need our help. Students will be encouraged to bring this is from Wednesday and give to their Tutor. We may be able to make payments available on ParentPay too and will let you know how this will work.

Those that choose correctly will have the chance of winning an Easter prize.

UPDATE: To watch the final video of the staff challenges please use the link below.

Test link

Test link