Covid-19 Closure Letter – March 23rd 2020

[20 Mar 2020]

Dear Parent/Carer,

On Monday 23 March 2020 the school will be closed to all pupils with the exception of those whose parents have contacted us that are eligible to continue to send their children in to be cared for by our staff.

Pupils must continue to stay at home until further directives from the government are made.
It is important that pupils distance themselves socially during the period of closure.

To ensure that children at the school who are registered to access free school meals will still have their entitlement and we will provide vouchers to the value of £15 per week (the equivalent of the cost of free school meals). For the next two weeks, until the Easter holiday, we will post an e-voucher from Asda for £15 that must be used to purchase food. Further details of the plan to continue to support children eligible for free school meals will be given as soon as we are aware of the national scheme.

During the period of closure, staff will continue to provide work and support your child via e-mail. All pupils have a school e-mail address that will be used to send individual work from their class teachers according to their timetable. Communication between the teacher and your child will enable their learning to continue.

To access your son or daughter’s school e-mail

  1. Log onto Sirius Academy West’s website at
  2. Scroll down the home page of the website to the tab labelled ‘Student Logon’.
  3. Enter your child’s e-mail and personal password.

Staff will send work and receive work via e-mail during the period of closure. It is very important that pupils continue to complete work and maintain contact with their teachers.

Pupils who do not have access to a desktop or laptop computer will be provided with work from the school and we will endeavour to continue to send work during the period of closure.

We will keep you updated with any changes via the MyEd app and our website.

Sirius Academy West is committed to safeguarding pupils, staff and the wider community. I am confident that if we work together we can ensure that all pupils can continue their education during this difficult situation.

Yours sincerely
Cathy Taylor

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