Cunning Contraptions – Winners!

[27 Mar 2014]

As part of National Science and Engineering Week, tutor groups were tasked with designing cunning contraptions that would offer solutions to as yet unidentified problems. These needed to be innovative rather than effective, in the style of Wallace and Grommet.

Many entries were submitted, with a wide range of ideas from a giant spring to help you get to school on time, to a hologram bracelet for displaying important information.

However, from the many great ideas, two winners have been chosen, and they are:

Chris Sigurdsson from E6JWH for his “Get Ready Machine”, and Annalise Clark from D2Eat for her “Spray on Tie”. I’m sure you agree we can all think of times when we could have done with these!

Chris and Annalise were both presented with some science presents.

Test link

Test link