Combined Cadet Force

The Prime Minister and other speakers at the Conservative Party Conference promoted the Combined Cadet Force expansion programme, hailing Sirius Academy as a flagship institution that is breaking down elitist barriers to the cadet force system in Hull, traditionally preserved for the independent sector.

Founded in September 2017, the Combined Cadet Force at Sirius Academy brings this national youth project to our doorstep, equipping our students with life skills and positive experiences to produce outgoing, adventurous young people.

The team have since embarked upon a very successful recruitment programme, with interest expressed from 70 students from Sirius West, and 50 from Sirius North. With a maximum of 60 places available. Our Parade evening is held at the Sirius West site on Tuesday evenings from 3.30 until 5pm, when a 90 minute session will provide a warm welcome, a short theory lesson, brief marching and drill practice and finally a “tactical practical” to enable planning for camp exercises or outdoor pursuits. 

By November 2018 we aim to have a Combined Cadet Force fit for the great honour of public parade in the city’s Remembrance Service. We look forward to welcoming our new recruits and as time marches on we hope to prove our worth as one of the Combined Cadet Force’s finest detachments.

Contingent Commander Elizabeth Hewitt, Sirius Academy West

Officer Mr. Daniel McNiff, Sirius Academy North

School Staff Instructor WO1 Karen Faulkner


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