Cuts by the Government could increase risk of child poverty. says UNICEF

[30 May 2012]

A report compiled recently showed that out of a list of 35 countries the UK was doing very well in protecting the welfare of children and ensuring families have enough money to spend despite cuts, due to the recession. However, concerns have been raised that anymore cuts will start to badly affect the education and work prospects of children in the UK. UNICEF (an organisation set up to protect the right and well-being of children) state there are around 14 imperative needs that children require, these include such basic requirements as: food, water and shelter, but also other rights such as the right to education or the experience of productive leisure time. UNICEF state that as soon as the government begin drastic cuts it is usually the children who suffer most. The UK has vowed to end all child poverty by 2020. The Head of UNICEF, David Bull, is very proud of this aim but has warned that further cuts by the Government could be ‘catastrophic,’ and would ruin all the work done so far.

A Sirius Academy student Alec Beaumont (Year 8) said: “It is not fair that the Government should take chances with children’s futures. The government is supposed to be there to help and protect us, not make out life worse.”