Duck information

[24 May 2013]

Sirius Academy has once again been literally where stars are born with the hatching of eleven ducks in science. They were incubated for four weeks and started to hatch on the 22nd April. The ducks were all Indian Runners which will eventually be used for egg production.

The ducklings had the run of the classroom during lesson time and took part in all lesson from year 7 biology through to year 12 physics!

Eventually the cage where they spent the night became crowed with eleven ducks, so nine were taken to Mr. Fletcher’s where they have a paddock to run in.

Two were left, and were then named Jessie D and Will.I.Duck by E8CFL – a small compensation for the morning cleaning out routine!

Finally, even the last two were ready for the paddock and graduated from Sirius Academy on 22nd May!

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