EAG News

[19 Jul 2012]

Sirius is Awarded Silver Award!

The Sirius Environmental Action Group (EAG) is proud to have been awarded the Silver Eco-Schools award. The group, led by Samantha Sunley (year10), meet regularly on Tuesday lunchtimes. During the past year they have ran switch-off campaigns, developed new recycling links and presented assemblies on using the correct bins. To qualify for the award, the EAG had to complete a range of activities such as environmental audits and action plans.

The EAG also developed the school eco-code and submit it to Dr. Taylor. She then approved it to be adopted by the school.

1.We will recycle as much as we can.
2.We will use both sides of paper.
3.We will reduce our energy use by switching off what we don’t need.
4.We will endeavour to use green transport.
5.We will provide opportunities to recycle.
The group’s next target is the Green Flag, the highest award for Eco-schools.

Test link

Test link