ear 8 Boys Rugby League: Malet Lambert 12 Sirius Academy West 30

[12 Oct 2016]

The Sirius Academy West Year 8 Boys played some fantastic rugby in a convincing victory over Malet Lambert.
The game started evenly matched, with both teams completing their first few sets of six well. But it was Malet Lambert who scored the opener, when their strongest, fastest player broke through the defensive line and went over 50 metres for the first try of the game. From then on in it was Sirius who controlled the game, responding well to the try they conceded by taking the ball up well with the forwards before Jack Mortimer showed his speed and skill to go over the tryline. From receiving the ball at the kick off the Sirius side played some outstanding rugby and it was a strong run from Harry Norton and a smart offload to hooker Declan Longley, a quick play the ball resulted in Mason Palmer stepping his way through the defence to score under the sticks with Kieran Welburn converting to make the score 6 – 10 in favour of Sirius.  Sirius were looking after the ball well, with no mistakes made in possession and it was Mason Palmer who extended the scoreline even further after a good kick from Dylan Norrie that forced the mistake near the Malet tryline and Mason was quick enough to spot the gap and go over from close range.  Before the halftime whistle Sirius scored their fifth try, another great offload from Harry Norton to Jack Mortimer who rounded the defence with his pace for a good 60 meter try. Haltime scoreline 6 – 20 to Sirius.
Sirius switched off early in the second half and paid the price for not getting in their line quickly enough as the Malet danger player went through the defence to score under the sticks to give the home team some hope of a comeback. But the Sirius side played some smart rugby and utilised the pace of Jack Mortimer again as he went over for his hat-trick.  Sirius scored the final try of the game, a great take at fullback by Tyler Leighton who made some good ground forward and a quick play the ball to Declan Longley who drew in the marker and sent Jack Mortimer into space to make the final scoreline 12 – 30 to Sirius Academy West.
Please congratulate the squad in their performance, attitude and behaviour:
Tyler Leighton, Tom Mclellan, Spencer Bennett, Kieran Welburn, Kai Shaw, Mason Palmer, Dylan Norrie, Wesley Holmes, Declan Longley, Harry Norton, Jack Mortimer, Alfie Morgan, Robbie Jones, Renaldas, Liam Fox
Special thanks to Chris Rodgers for his support with the team.