Early Starters 2018 – Final Day

[15 Jul 2018]

Congratulations to our Y6 Early Starters that completed their five week programme with us on Friday! The boys, identified by their individual Primary Schools as pupils that would benefit from an increased transition period, have had the chance to spend June and July at the academy working with academy staff and getting to know the building prior to September.

We’ve had some fantastic moments and memorable experiences so well done to all involved! The boys will now join the 290 other pupils from Y6 when they attend next week for Transition Week. It is hoped that this increased time at the academy will allow the boys to continue to make excellent progress and reduce any barriers in moving to Y7.

A massive thank you from Mrs Stephenson, Mr Gordon and all the boys to Miss Chowanski! Their main support for the last five weeks she is now ready for a well-deserved break.

Well done Cristian, Jack, Alfie, Ellis, Harvey-Lloyd, Jake, Brett and Jamie! We’ll see you all on Monday.

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