Enrichment Celebration Afternoon

[17 Jul 2018]
The following pupils have been invited to attend a reward celebration for their outstanding commitment to Enrichment this year. This will be held on Tuesday 17th July 2018, during Period 5. This is to celebrate their huge efforts in attending Enrichment Clubs, Leadership events, Trips and interventions that have taken place throughout the year. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary, is a little extra. Well done to all those pupils involved.
Y7- Jasmine Fielder/ Charlie Matchett
Y8- Bethany Waters/ Jordan Hernon
Y9- Lauren McClean/ Liam Fox
Y10- Emmie Lou Fenton/ Joshua Kellaway
Grace Collier/Sam Ward
Y7 – Trust Umudjoro/ Joshua Asquith. 
Y8- Ella Dixon/ Jenson Smith. 
Y9- Rebecca Stabler/Daniel Hird. 
Y10- Emily Young/Connor Foster
Charlie Harrison/ Connor Taylor
Y7- Chantelle Scott/ Godwin Asare Yeboah
Y8- Louise Smith/ Macauley Medlam
Y9- Georgia Coggin/ Camron Ellam
Y10- Millie Jordan/ Megan Froggett
Ashley Salisbury/ Jordan Salisbury
Y7- Lydia Webb/ Jack Entwistle
Y8- Sharna Martin/ Logan Edson
Y9- Jessica Taylor/ Sam Peck
Y10- Tegan Lawlor/ Luke Carter
Flynn Clark/ Reece Waites
Y7- Tegan Carey/ Jamie Whiting
Y8- Jessica Wood/ Finlay Bark
Y9- Gabriella Robertson/ Ciaran Shepherd
Y10- Ellie Brownlie/ Leon Stewart
 Joshua Court/ Maci-Mae Campbell
Sports Day Winners
Lydia Moore 1st
Alexandra Dakai 2nd
Elisha Gowen 3rd
Reece Shipley 1st
Ethan Kirkby 2nd
Oliver Madden 3rd
Tegan Purdon 1st
Lucy Parker 2nd
Mia Cheeseman 3rd
Leon Fielding 1st
Lee Carmichael 2nd
Brooklyn Codd 3rd
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