Environmental Action Group Switch-Off Sirius!

[23 Jan 2012]

As part of a nationwide event, students from the Sirius Environmental Action group have organised staff and students to be part of “Switch Off Fortnight”. This is a campaign run by EDF Energy to encourage unused electrical items to be turned off when not in use.

The new building has many energy saving features, but the action group thought that we could do better. So a competition was run which involved students trying to spot items left on, and staff switching off! The students were rewarded when they reported the items to members of the action group, whilst that staff who were vigilant and turned off items were entered into a prize draw.

An EAG member said that the students were “enthusiastic” in searching for classrooms. This may have been helped by the lollies which were the rewards!

Thirteen classrooms were reported as having unneeded items on, which shows that the majority of staff are being energy conscious. The prize draw winner was Mr Plant in Maths.

The Environmental Action Group was presented with a certificate in recognition of making Sirius Academy greener through switch-off fortnight.

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Test link