Ex-Hull City AFC player visits Y9s at Sirius Academy

[22 Jun 2011]

Stuart was a player for Hull City AFC from 2002-2008. After leaving his career in football he turned to his main passion in life; his faith.

Stuart was greeted by an enthusiastic group of Y9’s ready to listen to his ‘Testimony’ and how his faith has inspired his Football career.

He spoke about how loosing his father at the age of 13 he became a distracted student, only interested in Football. After leaving school with no qualifications he spent a year doing very little. It was only when, at the age of 17, encouraged by another Christian friend, he joined the Church.

He spoke about the respect that his fellow players and managers had for his faith and that he would talk to them about how he felt inspired to play football. Questions were posed by the students pertaining to their knowledge of conflict in Belfast and how his family were affected by the Religious riots.

Stuart is a dynamic and passionate speaker, who is clearly respectful of all faiths and beliefs, but wishes to act as inspiration for students about how commitment and faith has enabled him to have a successful football career.

Stuart, having retired from professional football, is now a Church Pastor. He works closely with other schools in the area and assists with groups encouraging children to partake in social activities.

Student responses:

“He was good to listen to because he was passionate about what he believes. I admire him for how he turned his life around” Tom Taylor

“Stuart made us feel like we should rethink our perspective of other faiths and beliefs because when he was younger he did not believe in Christianity” Jade Murphy and Shannon Jude

“I thought Stuart was wonderful, he very deeply believes in his faith and his words have persuaded me to work harder at reaching my goals in life and working hard at school. It was a great experience meeting him” Charlotte Marsham

“Stuart changed how I thought about Christians and Christianity” Brandon Hepworth

” I think it was inspiring to hear about how he became a Christian and how he changed after he became a Christian” Kieran Ball.

“I would like Stuart to come in again!” George Scottow

“Brilliant… he gave a completely different view point on people’s belief in God” Amelia Johnson

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