Family and Friends Sports Night

[24 Jun 2014]

This was our first time holding an evening of sport filled entertainment for the family and friends of our students at Sirius Academy, and it was a huge success.

The evening consisted of a rounders tournament and a kick rounders tournament.

With our resident Rounders pro on hand (Julie Watson) to guide us through the rules and regulations the game began with some absolutely fantastic batting and fielding coming from the mums and sisters of Terry Sainty, Angelika Bobkovica and Luke Riley.

Terry’s mum was the stand out player of the evening with some cracking shots and some fantastic fielding at second base. Luke Riley must have inherited his mother’s hand eye co-ordination as she smashed a couple of crackers into the outfield.

The event was a fantastic occasion for everyone involved and is hopefully a stepping stone towards more in the future.

A special thanks to Julie Watson, Natasha Pearson, Lewis Jarvis and Deana Walsh for the massive help!

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