First Vein Transplant Surgery on Ten Year Old Girl – Successful

[20 Jun 2012]

A pioneering type of surgery has been used to drastically improve a 10 year olds quality of life in Sweden. The girl had been suffering from a blockage between her intestines and liver which had resulted in her needing consistent treatment and care. The operation was so innovative because it took the vein from a donor, removed all their cellular material and then covered the vein in the cells of the girl. The usual way to transplant a vein is: simply to move a vein from another area of the patient’s body, but this can lead to complications. The method of growing human body parts in laboratories has been done before, but this is the first time it has been done with a vein. Similar projects are being set up in England with further medical advances likely.

We asked Sirius Academy students their opinion on this ground-breaking new type of treatment, Chuck Buar (Year 7) said: “It’s a good idea, it will help people who are sick and any medical progress is good for society.”