Future Cheer Schools Out – Division Winners!

[09 Jul 2018]

The Sirius Starlets Silver have just won gold at Future Cheer Schools Out, Bournemouth. 

The team of ten put out an extremely high difficultly, polished, Level 2 routine containing stunts, tumbles, pyramids, jumps and dance. 

The judges were very impressed with the standard of the squad and awarded 114.8 marks out of 140, equating to 82%. The girls narrowly missed on Grand Champions which goes to the highest mark of the day by 2%. 

Sally Bateson, Year 11 who has captained the team said ‘It was an amazing experience and I will never forget it’. 

Sally Bateson (captain) 
Macy Campbell 
Lauren McClean
Ellouise Capell
Leah Pearson
Talia Martinez 
Megan Atkinson
Maddison McGrath
Jasmine Fielder
Grace Collier

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