Geography Club Bake Sale Success!

[31 Mar 2017]

After a brilliant turnout to sample Boatin’s Buns, the Geography Club Bake Sale has raised a whopping £90.50! We also have two collection boxes in local super markets which I will collect after the Easter Break which could see the total rise to our target of £180!

The money raised will go towards raising education standards in a very poor province in Senegal. This is only phase 1 of our plan and we’ll keep you updated on the next stage of our project.

 This project was underpinned by the hard working students of Geography Club so please congratulate them for their effort and thanks again for your donations!


Geography Club Students:

Esme Kendall

Lucy Weightman

Olivia Madsen

Casey Waller

Kelsey Salt

Keila Kendall

Beth Denton

Lucie Clark

Katie Popplewell

Jess Denton

Tom Watts

Katie Barker

Harvey Leach

Anna Naylor 

Elouise Cappell

Daisy Johnson

Louise Cross

Nakita Harper

Martyna Andrzejewska

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