Gifted and Talented National Football Museum Manchester February 2017

[08 Mar 2017]

Key Stage Three Physical Education Gifted and Talented National Football Museum Manchester February 2017

For the second year the Physical Education Department Key Stage Three Gifted and Talented students visited the biggest and best football museum in the world!

There are thousands of objects and stories that bring back a wonderful range of memories –both good and bad-from the beautiful game.

Everyone can find their own special memories during a visit. Football has a fantastic ability to bring people together and get them talking about their experiences.

The museum helps you understand more about how and why football has come to be so important to millions of people.

The museum is organised on different floor levels :

Ground Floor-Hall of Fame

Level 1          – Stories of the Game

Level 2          – Playing the Game

Level 3          – Changing Exhibitions

Level 4          -Learning Conference and Exhibition Space

Our visit coincided with the 59th Anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster of 6th February 1958. Eight of the famous Manchester United ‘Busby Babes’ were killed along with reporters and supporters. One of the most famous survivors of course was Sir Bobby Charlton who recovered and went on to be a legend and World Cup winner for England in 1966.


Students and staff had a wonderful day in which they were practically involved and experienced ‘Football Plus’ –where across the museum there are seven great chances for them to prove their skills, compete with friends, and get a great memento of the visit.

Not sure about Mr.Rodgers skill levels (might have been better if he had come better prepared!) –he was not too happy when in the ‘Penalty Shootout’ his third attempt was declared a miss!  His attempted ‘Match of the Day’ commentary stuttered somewhat and lacked clarity! Still one has to learn!

The students experienced a classroom session on ‘Designer Footballs’-how footballs were developed over the years culminating in our own students creating their own footballs through the minimal of materials provided.

The enthusiasm and creativity displayed by our students was interesting to observe and the final products when produced were excellent examples of actual footballs that could be used to play the game. (see attached photographs).

It was great to receive the following feedback from David Mansell:-

‘Thanks for visiting the museum today. The class were brilliant, it was great to have such an engaged group!  Designer Balls is one of my favourite workshops and it was great to see your students getting stuck in!’

The museum promotes Association Football and how it spread quickly across the world, with the game particularly popular in Europe and South America. The 20th Century saw the rise of the Global Game –‘The Best Game In The World!’   

A great day was had by all even though the navigation from my co-pilot went astray and we ended up in ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ country –a most scenic route which added geography to the history, science and physical education we had taken in on this most enjoyable day!

Please thank the students for their co-operation and creative response to an exceptional day :-

Charlie Sutton; Harry Wallis ; Leah Pearson ; Lucy Parker ; Isabella Taylor ;Jack Mortimer ; Macauley Medlam; Sam Hassard ; Jess Taylor ; Jess Toner ; Malachi Toni .

Cosi Basile – Assistant Director of PE

Chris Rodgers – Teacher of PE  

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