Glbal Enterprise Week 2015

[06 Jan 2016]

Sirius Academy West has been busy busy busy during Glbal Enterprise Week 2015 celebrations. Sirius Academy worked in conjunction with Cadbury’s to produce an Enterprising challenge. Students were asked to create new and ‘improved’ Xmas calendars following rules set out by Cadbury’s very own Yvette Taylor, Education Co-ordinator. Tutor groups throughout the school created fantastic designs and Yvette chose the top 3 that best represented the Cadbury’s brand.

Winners have now been announced and are as follows:


2nd place: Ellie Hinchcliffe & Hollie Bateson

1st place: Hollie Young & Lauren Sutton 

Massive thank you to Cadbury for their support with the challenge and with all staff who supported it and the students who took part with their impressive designs, well done!

Certificates will be distributed to Tutors

Bring on Global Enterprise Week 2016!

Test link

Test link