H.M.Prison Hull Visit – PE

[07 Feb 2012]

The Hull Prison visit based around ‘Life Skills’ with a selected group of boys from Year 10 proved to be a great success!

The real life situation and the information imparted regarding ‘prison life’ was a real eye-opener!

The boys were then confronted to a question and answer session with two in-mates which was an experience in itself!

The size of the men themselves made us all take notice.

The prisoners themselves were open and genuine with everything that was asked of them –

this was real and revealing and certainly made you aware of the situations in our prisons today.

We were then able to see ‘a wing’ of the prison itself and whilst we were observing we were quickly ushered away as an incident had occurred whilst we were there!

We all enjoyed the morning and some students feedback was that they found the experience frightening! It certainly made some of them think!

A really enjoyable morning which I feel will prove invaluable in the future to some of our students for many reasons.

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