Hull Schools Biathlon – Ennerdale Centre

[29 Apr 2015]

Students from Sirius Academy took part in the Hull Schools Biathlon Competition combining the art of swimming over 50m with that of running over 8oom at Ennerdale Sports Centre.

An alternative sports event which requires participants to be competitive in the water and on terra firma. The athlete has to be adaptable and physically strong
In showing a ‘dogged spirit’ to succeed.

The academy was represented by both girls and boys in Years 7 to 10 who competed as individuals and as a team.

The course of the morning saw some great results with some exceptional performances from our students.

Stars of the show for us were Phoebe Tomlinson(Year 7) who finished second; Alex Eversen(Year 8) first equal and Hull Biathlon Champion; and Harry Knight(Year 10) first( Hull Biathlon Champion) overall as individuals within their year competitions. Followed by a highly respectable third by Reece Gooch at Year 9 and a fourth place for Amy Purdon at Year 8 and a second place for Josh Atkinson in Year 10.

Added to the individual successes Sirius Academy were also team winners and Hull Biathlon Champions for Year 9 Boys and also Year 10 Boys. This was accompanied by being second for Year 7 Girls; Year 8 Girls; Year 8 Boys-
no mean achievement!

Overall results and outstanding and respectable performances from all of our students are highlighted below as individuals and as teams:-

Year 7 Girls   –    Phoebe Tomlinson      2nd
                              Kirsten Young                9th
                              Hollie Young                   10th
                              Olivia Langley                 18th
                              Team = 2nd

Year 8  Girls –    Amy Purdon                  4th
                            Danielle Waters            6th
                            Terri Sainty
                              Team =2nd

Year 8 Boys  –  Alex Eversen                1 =    Hull Schools Biathlon Champion
                           Tom Borman                 9th
                           Bayer Baper                 12th
                            Team = 2nd

Year 9 Boys- Reece Gooch                 3rd
                        Kieran Bartlett              4th
                         Ronan Mcmahon         5th
                           Team = First    Hull Biathlon Champions

Year 10 Boys –Harry Knight              1     Hull Schools Biathlon Champion
                            Josh Atkinson           2nd
                            Ryan Addinall            3rd
                       Team = First   Hull Biathlon Champions.
A most productive and successful set of results which now means that many of our students as individuals and teams will  represent the academy and the city at the regional finals to be staged later in the year.

Please congratulate all the students who took part and praise them for their efforts.

A special thanks to Miss Emma Bore and Alex Sherwood for their support.

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