Hull Schools F.A U.14 Cup Final

[14 May 2011]

Hull Schools F.A U.14 Cup Final – Sirius vs Malet Lambert at the KC Stadium

Nasser magic lifts Sirius to fantastic win!

Result: Sirius 2 Malet Lambert 0

Sirius U.14 Football team produced a magnificent display to deservedly win the

Hull Schools F.A U.14 Cup at the KC Stadium.

From the onset of the game the boys were motivated and determined to do of their best, and they certainly delivered. They ran, chased and closed down every

situation and displayed their intent to the Malet Lambert team, not allowing them to settle with some strong challenges earlier on.

This early pressure paid off when the boys combined to put Harry Tyson through on goal. The ball bounced high and with the Malet goalkeeper committed to coming to get the ball, Harry was there first to calmly lift the ball over the keeper and into the net for the first goal.

Sirius overjoyed and ‘buzzing’ with tremendous support from the stands took the game to Malet and dominated the early stages, The charge being led through midfield to attack by Kieren Jones, Kieren Easter, Tom Williams, Liam Harris

and Bobby Nasser. The latter epitomised what hard work and a desire to succeed can deliver, and ‘boy did he deliver!’ Bobby took on the Malet team on his own and smashed an unstoppable ball high into the net from 20 yards!

A superb individual effort which caused raptures amongst players, management and supporters alike. The early domination was complete and helped convince the boys that they could win this game. Two nil up after ten minutes! A long way to go!

Malet responded as was to be expected however the defence were outstandingly well marshalled by all of their defence in the captain Alex Douglas, the exceptional Brandon Hepworth, the reliable Sam Leach and Ben Arbonn, and ‘steady Hedy’ Ahmen in goal who withstood all efforts to their goal.

Being two nil up from an early stage meant that Sirius had to stay on top of their game by maintaining their concentration and being disciplined in their organisation and performance. The boys displayed great energy in continuing to take the game to Malet. Sirius created some excellent chances to extend their lead through Harry Tyson which produced a brilliant save from the Malet keeper and later in a one on one situation : Brandon Hepworth who headed the ball against the bar; and again from the magic of the ‘giant’ Bobby Nasser who repeated a wonder drive from outside the box only to be cruelly denied by the woodwork . Some fabulous efforts which excited everyone and maintained the momentum!

Substitutions were made with the ‘mighty atom’ Joseph Antcliff, Tom Hance and Liam Siggurdsson entering the stage.

Sirius had dominated the game form the start and when the final whistle game they were worthy winners and deserved to be overjoyed with elation and beaming with pride in achieving success ! This was shown in the tremendous team spirit throughout the squad particulary by two boys Jamie Warcup and Michael Wilson, subs who showed

great understanding that all five substitutions were difficult to make and maturely accepted an apology from the manager. Of course they led the celebrations in ensuring the manager got a drenching.

The boys kept to a game plan and showed a high level of maturity in their performance and were outstanding on and off the pitch!.

The boys and Team staff would like to thank all of their fantastic support from parents, friends and the staff of Sirius and the Principal Dr.C.Taylor for being there and willing and giving the boys every opportunity to be winners. An occasion which I am sure they will remember for a long time.( and thanks Dean(Caretaker for taking us there!)

Thanks also to the team staff – Mr,D,Gordon; Mr M Rookyard;Mr.A.Kay; Miss E. Bore(Physio); Miss K.Spencer (Photo’s minus the batteries!) A great team effort!

Last but not least the boys themselves for a memorable and great experience!

Cosi Basile


N,B . PLTS – all used !

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