Hull Schools FA Cup Final: SAW vs Kelvin Hall

[16 Apr 2018]

This week brought the Hull school cup final for the current Yr 11 boys football team. Despite a dominant performance from SAW, the first half remained goalless. Kelvin Hall unfortunately took the lead just after half time (perhaps a reflection on the team talk from Bayston and Renier). Just as things were looking gloomy for the SAW side, Jay Mainprize managed to turn and shoot from distance bringing us level. Excellent individual goals from Gaell Nazyadio and a penalty from Jack Tanser topped off an extraordinary team display to complete a 4-1 victory.

Despite not always being victorious, their attitude and effort has been unrivalled for the past 3 years. It was a joy to watch the boys lift the Hull Schools trophy in what may be their last competitive game together.

Many thanks to Mr Renier for his constant support with the team and Messrs Basille and Carter for their support in the final. Please congratulate the boys when you see them. 

  1. Joseph Hill
  2. Harry Pougher
  3. Bayer Baper
  4. Gaell Nazyadio
  5. Tom Stabler
  6. Jack Tanser
  7. Jay Mainprize
  8. Lewis Londesborough
  9. Karwan Jumha
  10. Mervete Hussein
  11. Ryan Jackson
  12. Jaden Robson
  13. Ali Alshamari
  14. Stephen Willits (Missed the final due to injury)
  15. Bailie Borman (Missed the final due to injury)
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