Hull Schools U.13 Futsal Tournament

[23 May 2019]

Please congratulate the following boys on reaching the final of the U.13 Hull Schools Futsal Tournament :-

Reece Shipley
Liam Wilkinson
Max Sadler
Ethan Kirkby
Daniel Bunce
Jamie Whiting

The boys won their initial group with the following results :-

Sirius  7  Arc. Thurstan ‘B’ 0
Sirius  2  Malet Lambert ‘A’ 1
Sirius  2  Malet Lamber  ‘B’ 2

In the semi -final  they beat St.Marys ‘A’  2-0 and then went down ‘fighting’ 0-2 to Kelvin Hall.

A gallant attempt with some excellent football played.

Many thanks to Mr.J.Walters for his support with the team.

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