Hull Secondary School Games Sports Hall Athletics Championships

[15 Jan 2016]

This week Sirius Academy West hosted both the year 7/8 and year 9/10 boys and girls Hull School Games Sports Hall Athletics Championships.
SPORTSHALL ATHLETICS is an indoor form of track and field for school children. It provides a safe and warm environment for young athletes to train and compete during the cold and dark winter months. The format and rules for events are slightly adapted to make it a more inclusive sport and stepping stone into more traditional athletic disciplines. Sports Hall Athletics is also one of the largest competitions within the Hull School Games framework. Over the course of these two championships nearly 300 children from 8 different secondary schools took part, competing in 3 track events and 2 field events. The events included:

·         Individual Relays

·         Team Relays

·         Shot Putt

·         Standing Triple Jump

·         Standing Long Jump

·         Speed Bounce

·         Vertical Jump

As with all the School Games competition Sirius Academy West host, we depend on our own students to support the delivery. Without our fantastic Sports Scholarship, Sports Leaders and 6th Form Sport students these competitions would not be possible. We had 22 students volunteer their own time after school and record results, demonstrate technique, enforce rules and ensure safety. As expected, our students conducting themselves in a professional manner and represented our academy impeccably in front of the visiting staff and students. It was especially pleasing to see our year 8 Sports Leaders have the confidence to lead events during the year 9 and 10 competition, despite the age gap which some students would find intimidating. Please congratulate the following students when you see them:

Lewis Bibby, Kirsten Young, Hollie Young, Olivia Langley, Amelia Harland, Millie England,

Harry Pougher, Holly Dodsworth, Katie Clark, Alisha Pearson, Danielle Walters,  Mia Duke, Emily Andrew, Ellie Cone, Ellie Smirk,

Adam Kelsey, Kia Thorpe, Olivia Young, Megan Kay, Luke Salas, Joe Wood, Jordan Littlefair,

Thanks to Cosi Basile, Gemma Barton, Glen Bilton, Hanna Shaw and Chloe Williams for supporting on the night and picking our teams.
Special thanks to Martin Smith for helping out our leaders on the field events.
Pictures attached.
Results to follow!

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