Humberside Cross-country 2015 – Saturday 7th February

[09 Feb 2015]

Five of our students attended the annual Humberside Cross-Country Championships at Baysgarth School last Saturday morning.
Holly Dodsworth; Danielle Waters; Jack Tanser;  Emmie Fenton and Libbi Hinson were our only representatives who braved the conditions
and got out of their beds to race on a Saturday morning.
The hardest of disciplines –it showed great character and courage just to attend and that said a great deal about these particular students.
In their representation for Sirius Academy; Hull and Humberside, they were winners even before they raced!
The first eight in races were to qualify for the national trials and although none of our students qualified at this level –they ran their hearts out
and completed the gruelling course- not one gave in!  Holly Dodsworth was our best placed student in 20th place.
A lesson in character-building these five students deserve a great deal of praise for their courageous efforts!