Impressive performance in the Hull Schools Rounders tournament

[25 Jul 2011]

Sirius Academy had an impressive performance in the Hull Schools Rounders tournament in KS3 and KS4. The uptake in participation has increased dramatically and the tournament involved many different schools from the surrounding area. Year 7,9 & 10 teams finished in a very respectable 3rd position after competing against some tough teams in Malet Lambert and Newland School for girls.


Year 7:

Jourdan Longden

Carmen Coates

Ellie Jones

Ellie rose Dawson

Katie Clark

Courtney Codd

Megan kay

Leoni Campbell (lady of the match)


Year 9:

Dannelle Paige

Lauren Rainger

Sophie Foster

Elisha Coult

Monica Wharram

Kara Calvert

Shannon Jude

Natasha Wood

Sam Brown

Courtney Lawrence

Chelsea Baynes

Laura Yaxley (lady of the match)


Year 10:

Billie Jo Lancaster

Hannah Polley

Alix Mae Hessen

Nichola Allen

Gabby Warren

Emeilia Delgardo

Emily George

Kerryn Jackson (lady of the match)

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