Impressive start from the Year 7 Rugby team!

[22 Sep 2011]

The Year 7 Rugby team opened their time at Sirius with impressive showings in the opening matches of the Hull Schools League. The matches again act as qualifiers for the Carnegie Champion Schools Yorkhire Cup. The boys played two matches tonight against Wolferton and Longcroft, and put in exceptional performances in both to claim two victories and set them on course for qualification.

The first match saw Sirius up against Wolferton. The game proved tight throughout with solid performances from props Kai Thorpe and Tom Jordan, backed up by the hard-working captain George Tyson-Wilson. A great kick return by Jordan Webb, followed by a barnstorming Thorpe run which ended in an offload to Josh Atkinson who sprinted away to give Sirius a 4-0 lead. Good approach work from the impressive Harry Whittles who combined with Josh Coates to send in Atkinson again for 8-0 Sirius. A late Wolferton try gave Sirius a 8-4 victory.

Next up saw the boys entertain hosts Longcroft. The Sirius team by this time had gained in confidence and played some outstanding Rugby scoring many excellent tries. Atkinson was again the 1st scorer as he claimed the 1st 2 Sirius tries with Whittles goaling from out-wide for 12-0 Sirius. Coates then stepped through the defence before Callum Wilsher threw a superb dummy and stepped through, Whittles again goaling both for 24-0. Atkinson then completed his hat-trick, his 5th try of the evening before Josh Kirby raced over with Whittles goaling one to give Sirius a great 34-0 victory, quite a feat in a match of only 20 minutes in length.

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