Inclusive Athletics Report

[06 Feb 2020]

On Wednesday 5th February Julie Watson, Gemma Richal, Stephanie Johnson, Julie Dewbury, Nicola Lowson and Gillian Vase took a team of 35 students to the Hull Inclusive Indoor Athletics event at Costello Stadium.

The field events which took place were standing long jump, speed bounce, target throw, high stepper, chest push and soft javelin.

The track events included hurdles, relays and various distances.

The students participated in a variety of field and track events.

Darcie Pallister

Matthew Frankland

Alex Diffin

Keenan McPhee

Doten Adedayo

Ciaran Casey

Stanley Wegg

Oliver Markinowski

Orestas Kazelis

Takmid Hussain

Ahmed Elyad

Leona Havell

Logan Edson

Josh Asquith

Daniel Dennett

Declan Prest

Charlie Harrison

Sophie Norfolk

Ola Weglarz

Matthew Waslin

Caitlin Ellam

Jack J Gray

Kieron Athraby

Connor Welburn

Ben Dickinson

Bethany White

Jacob Gwinnel

Lealah Cassidy

Cameron Woodward

Kasper Newby

Mateusz Kaliszewki

Courtney Blount

Kamil Platcha

Archie Duguid

Jack Ward

As a group they were able to come away with a gold and a bronze which is brilliant. But more importantly there was lots of displays of teamwork and encouragement. Well done to every student involved.

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