Key Stage 3 Physical Education Gifted And Talented Trip

[25 Feb 2016]

Key Stage 3 Physical Education Gifted And Talented Trip – National Football Museum -Manchester Thursday 11th February.

The Physical Education Gifted and Talented Trip to the National Football Museum in Manchester, proved to be a most rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Fifteen students selected, girls and boys, who all play football for the academy , enjoyed a’ hands on’ experience including practical, historical and inter-active sessions.   

A substantial and fascinating museum if you are a football fan or fanatic. Some of our very young students may have struggled with the greats of ‘Shankly’, ’Clough’ and even ‘Best’ – but there was something for all ages.

Each of our students had eight tokens for the day which they traded in to take part in a selected session. Sessions such as ‘Penalty Shoot Out’, ‘Instant Control’, ‘Pass Master’, were all popular practical sessions . But there was so much more from refereeing; sporting injuries; to how football started  and developed and became the leading game all over the world.

A favourite inter-active session of the day was the ‘Match of the Day’ commentary. Introduced by Gary Lineker as usual, which one followed a cue involving a memorable game ( I could remember anyway) and you had to follow and broadcast the game. This was all recorded and they played back. Not only did this include literacy and the use of language but it highlighted how difficult it was to commentate and follow a game closely and intensely.  Commentaries from Luke Riley and Harry Pougher were most amusing. These recordings could also be viewed back at home or the academy.

During the day none of our students could compete against the masterly football table skills of ‘Basile and Smith’- too hot to handle!  Smithy also, to his great delight tried to champion all the sessions, desperately ensuring he beat all the students and myself!  Well he is young!   

The half –time interval involved a pleasant lunch and a visit to the museum shop where some interesting artefacts and souvenirs were bought.

The day was also linked with ‘National Science Day’ in which we had booked a session on ‘Designer Balls’. This looked at the history of how a football was introduced from the Greeks to the Romans. From pigs bladders to the use of other ‘interesting materials’- the ball evolved and emerged round and experimented with scientifically to roll, bounce and weigh a specific weight, and shaped to play the best game in the world-yet so simple!

The scientific process of a ‘football’ is much researched and sporting manufacturers such as Adidas, Nike and Puma, spend millions in trying to develop the right product to sell world-wide and indeed means making lots of money!      

Our students were given materials and guided to create their own footballs. This maybe not surprisingly became most competitive and a most absorbing hourly session. All sorts of products were used to develop a ‘rounded ball’ which eventually looked something like a real ball. Our students were totally immersed in being the best creators!  

Each ball was then tested for the following : bounceability;  rollability; shape and appearance and could it actually be used? There were some interesting outcomes!  Harry Fenton producing the best for the boys and Danielle and Holly for the girls.

The day eventually ended with a team photograph with the ‘Premier League’ and ‘FA Cup’ Trophies.

A great day in which was a great deal was experienced ,learnt and enjoyed!

Our students were exemplary and a credit to the academy! Please congratulate the following:-Harry Fenton; Harry Wallis; Thomas Overton; Phoebe Armstrong; Ellie Robertson; Beth Dickson; Danielle Waters; Holly Dodsworth; Harry Pougher; Charlie Shooter; Luke Riley; Leon Stewart; Lewis Bibby; Harry Blackham; and Jack Tanser.

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