KS3 and KS4 Dodgeball Tournament 10/3/17

[16 Mar 2017]

It was a fantastic achievement for Sirius Academy West to have representatives in both the KS3 and KS4 Boys District Dodgeball Tournaments. The tournament was held at Hull University Sports Centre and was a fantastic opportunity for all the  boys to take part in the event.

Myself and Mr Sherwood decided to stay true to the team who had won their qualifying tournament despite the temptation to throw in some Y8’s.

Will Furmage
Lennie Ellis
Billy Mountain
Sam Hassard
Malachi Tony
Alfie Cater-Minns
Elliot Fletcher

Rnd 1&2: 0-3 (St Mary’s College and Baysgarth School ‘B’)
The opening 2 rounds perhaps showed the boys physical differences as they came up against 2 very powerful and fast outfits who had all but 1 Y8’s in their side. Both games were, in truth comfortable 3-1 wins for St Mary’s College and Baysgarth School ‘B’. Perhaps we made the wrong choice in staying loyal…

Rnd 3&4:  1 1/2 v 1 1/2   (Oasis Academy and Tollbar Academy)
The boys were clearly becoming more accustomed to their physically superior opposition and in the 3rd game started to employ more strategic tactics to outwit their opposition. Dummy balls, low shot heights and bunched attacks were used far more efficiently and it was only 30 seconds of madness in each game that cost us the wins!  These hard fought draws with Oasis Academy and Tollbar Academy gave us a much needed confidence boost which propelled us into the 5th Rnd.

Rnd 5: SAW 2-1 Baysgarth ‘A’
The lads were able to make momentum tell with an excellent 2-1 win over red hot favourites Baysgarth School ‘A’. Were to see a Leicester style revival???

Rnd 6/7:
The answer, in short, is no. Again size, speed and power came to the fore with round 6 v Longcroft and round 7 v Snaith ending in 2-1 losses.

Final poisiton 7th. The lads showed some signs that next year they could (and should) be red hot favourites going into the competition next year!

The boys entered the regional finals with a point to prove. They had swept away the opposition during the qualifying tournament and after failing to qualify last year, this was their shot at glory!

Harry Pougher
Gaell Nzayadio
Bayar Baper
Luke Riley
Ali Talal
Aidan Dalo
Baillie Borman
Bradon Perkins

Rnd 1:
Whammy was the noise as the West men battered a shellshocked Boulevard Academy who just didn’t have a response the ferocity of the West men’s play.
3-0 win!

Rnd 2:
It was a tight affair which went down to the wire, unfortunately it was Baysgarth School who managed to squeak past Sirius 2-1. More work to do lads…

Rnd 3:
It was a painful experience as the West men squared off against the providers of my own education Sir John Nelthorpe. Powerful and tactical exchanges again took it down to the final moments when the West men’s cleaver play nullified any potential Nelthorpe revival in the 3rd and final leg.
2-1 Sirius (perhaps the best result I could have hoped for).

Rnd 4:
Tollbar Academy proved to be quite the tricky customers with nothing to tell between the two sides. a 1.5 v 1.5 score was, probably, a fair result.

Rnd 5:
The lads were caught in a rut. Despite winning the opening leg the boys didn’t capitalise on this flying start! 2 sloopy legs later the lads looked in a perilous position moving forwards, Oasis 2-1 SAW. Oh dear…

During the break the boys were revving themselves up, they knew they could ill-afford anymore slip ups. Alex Sherwood flew into action providing an Oscar worthy speech which we all hoped would kick them into shape…it worked.

Rnd 6:
Bang, crash, whollop! 2-0 up and flying. Pougher Nzayadio and  Talal were on fire. I swear I saw sparks fly as Nzayadio’s powerbombs made contact with Longcroft bodies left, right and centre.
The foot cam off the gas in the 3rd leg.
SAW 2-1.

Rnd 7:
Win was needed to guarantee they made it into the Gold medal match. They came out like men possessed and swept Market Weighton away 3-0.

Gold Medal Match
Baysgarth v SAW

This was for all the marbles, a 1 leg shootout last man standing wins. The heat was on.
The game was like something from Greek Mythology with this clash of titans ebbing and flowing until finally it settled to Talal in a 3v1 situation. He dodged, dipped, dived, ducked and dodged until he was finally tagged with a heart breaking glancer.

This was not to be the West men’s day but they can all hold their heads up high.

Well done to all the boys involved and a thank you to Alex Sherwood for organising the day.

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