Let us introduce ourselves! We are the 6th Form Siri-us Sellers

[13 Dec 2016]

Let us introduce ourselves! We are the 6th Form Siri-us Sellers,
We are a group of budding Business Enterprise Col-lege Students, supporting Sirius Academy in the Christmas market with the aim to fundraise raise money for both our Business Enterprise enrichment trip but we also aim to donate some of our proceeds to the Pancreatic Cancer charity.

As part of our Business Enterprise course, we create business ideas and put them in to practice in order to develop our entrepreneurial skills in the Business world!
The Pancreatic Charity Fund is the national charity dedicated exclusively to supporting research to im-prove diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic can-cer. To date, Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund has supported 40 research projects with grants totalling £6.2 million – all through fundraising and donations.

We are supporting one of our very own dedicated teacher’s, Miss Fowler who is leading the fundraising and Pancreatic Cancer Research awareness in honour of her father who has currently been diagnosed.

We felt, as budding entrepreneurs, that it was important that we do our part to help out.
Please look at the products that we have to offer, they are competitively priced against online prices, we aim to donate funds from our proceeds to the charity fundraising and will also use funds to also put towards our trip to Google which will help develop our learn-ing.

Thank you in advance for your support.
6th form

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