Lyn Gardner Visit

[08 Mar 2012]

Today Sirius Academy was visited by Lyn Gardner, best-selling children’s author and the Theatre Critic for the Guardian National Newspaper. She was working with three difference cohorts in school. The day began with a selection of English students aiming to improve their creative writing. It was a thoroughly engrossing lesson with Lyn drawing students’ experiences in their own life to inform their writing and ensure a greater degree of detail and involvement in their work. What resulted were some really intuitive and nuanced pieces of work which are very impressive.

Lyn then met with a group of our Drama students who performed a piece, obviously exploiting having a seasoned theatre critic in the room was a massive advantage. She also worked individually with one student to prepare his monologue for an upcoming interview.

Overall the day was wholly worthwhile and incredibly enriching experience. The students involved were a real credit to the Academy and we offer our sincerest thanks to Lyn for visiting the Academy. The students really enjoyed themselves and learn a lot.

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