Maths – Primary School Support

[05 Oct 2017]

This half-term Miss Khatun is visiting Christopher Pickering Primary School as part of our Maths outreach programme. Building on successful visits to a number of local schools last year, Miss Khatun will have the opportunity to work with pupils and staff at Christopher Pickering Primary School, Anlaby Acre Heads Primary School, Rokeby Primary School, Paisley Primary School, Wheeler Primary School and Newington Primary School until July.

Primary Schools are encouraged to liaise with Miss Khatun and identify cohorts of pupils that would benefit from individual and small group intervention in preparation for their forthcoming SATS.

Photographs from this week’s visit to Christopher Pickering show a group of talented pupils working on Mastery Maths skills. Well done to you all and see you next week!

Primary Schools are reminded that the academy will host the first of the annual Maths and English G&T sessions on Friday 13th October (9.50am-2.10pm). Schools are encouraged to identify pupils that they consider will benefit from additional support in both subjects and capable of working on KS3 level content. Please get in touch if this is something of interest to your school!

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