Mia Duke the Queen of Sirius Hull Schools Athletics!

[06 Jul 2015]

A fascinating day which produced many individual and team performances.

It was always going to be difficult emulating the year before when we won four from the five overall championships to be won. Nevertheless, there were some brilliant and memorable performances culminating in individual champions and with the Year 10 Girl’s winning overall. The Year 9 boy’s team finishing runners-up and just missing out.

On a hot and baking day middle and long distance events were always going to be difficult.

Sirius had six overall individual champions, all winners and all a credit to the academy, who I will mention later.

However, I must start with a young girl who epitomises everything that you could expect of a student in every sport she represents the academy.

I have seen many athletic events but the Year 9 800m Race 2015 will linger for a very long time.

Two gruelling laps of the track –Mia always competes- but with half a lap to go Mia was sixty metres behind the leader. Surely, too far to make up-but with great determination and courage- Mia fought back and gradually wore down the gap-until the very last stride and approaching the line, she plunged forwards to snatch victory from her valiant opponent. What a race and show, matched by the fantastic support Mia received, driving her to the line!

The other moment of the day was in contrast with Mia’s performance. An introverted boy who waited patiently for his opportunity and who has not competed regularly for the academy. Jack Bone smashed the shot putt record in lessons so there was some expectation.

Having nearly missed his event, Mr.A.Kay and I will always remember Jack returning from his event and with a swagger looking up to us and signalling a finger to show he was number one and victorious. This was matched by the great beam of a smile which stayed with him throughout the afternoon. We were really pleased that Jack had won!

The two athletes mentioned, although ,totally different in character, highlight what athletics and competing is about.

Our other great individual champions were in Mia Husband -200m; Jordan Shakespeare –Long Jump; Leon Stewart 200m: Josh Jarvis –Shot Putt; and the Year 10 Girl’s Relay Team in Paige Fletcher; Georgia Trevagli; Amy Jeffrey; and Jordan Shakespeare.

Well done to all the students who competed and to those staff and students who supported the day ; Miss.G.Barton; Miss.E.Bore; Mr.A.Kay; Mr.G.Bilton; Miss. Chloe Williams; Miss.K. Buckley and Stefan and Nieve our two work experience students.

All the results can be seen here and highlight great performances from many of our athletes. A successful day – please congratulate all students. 

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Test link