Mr. Cooks Visit to BP Chemicals

[12 Dec 2013]

Our Business Liaison Coordinator and Science teacher, Mr Cook spent an interesting Saturday visiting BP Chemicals at the Saltend Chemicals Park. He was met by BP staff – Kerrie Hutchinson and Bobbie Bourne and given a comprehensive tour of the plant. They discussed the chemical processes involved in the production of ethanoic acid at the site and discuss how these were applicable in the academy’s science programme.

Over lunch he met with six of the younger element of the shift to discuss the transition from education to employment. Mr. Cook commented on the value of the feedback and how the information will be used to inform the Academy employability programme.

In the afternoon he visited the loading jetty and finished with a talk to the control room operators.

It had proved to be an interesting and informative day. Mr. Cook said he had gained a real feel for the place commenting that ‘BP have fostered a calm, open and close knit community atmosphere within the plant’ he felt he came away with an understanding of what it actually means to work for the company.

The BP Orange Project will continue to support project work which Sirius students can undertake in order to enhance their academic achievements and Kerrie will be visiting the Academy in the near future to discuss future developments.

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