National Center Parcs Badminton Finals Hull

[10 Dec 2013]

National Center Parcs Finals- Hull Badminton Competition 2013-14.

Nicholas Lavin The Star Of The Show!

Sirius Academy was represented at this years finals by Key Stage 3 girls and Key Stage 4 boys who as teams had both qualified regionally to reach the finals.

The girls were represented by Hannah Beech; Emma Lister; Emily Davidson; and Amy Jeffrey,

The boys by the mighty Nicholas Lavin; George Boyes; Luke Salas; Callum Magee and Joseph Wood.

The teams were to play against Malet Lambert, Trinity, St.May’s; Kelvin Hall and Hymers.

The games were staged with singles and doubles games –amounting to five games against each opponent.

Our girls did exceptionally well beating Malet Lambert and Kelvin Hall to finish 3rd from four groups. Whilst the boys led by the ‘mighty’ Nicholas Lavin went through to compete in the final against Hymers!

Sirius beat Trinity ; Malet Lambert and St.Mary’s to reach the final and play Hymers.

Nicholas Lavin a Sirius Year 10 student – an uncompromising young man –led the team as a ‘warrior’ would with fierce intensity and a determination to succeed!
A young man who is normally shy and unassuming- comes to life when playing badminton- and a star in his own right!

Nicholas went into the singles final against his Hymers opponent – and although not the most mobile a player- Nicholas’ power and drive ensured he smashed his opponent and Hymers away!

Our opponents were shocked and dismayed and their air of arrogance just momentarily stumbled for a moment!

Unfortunately Nichols’ efforts could not be matched by the rest of the team in other matches and Sirius eventually lost 4-1.

Nicholas Lavin had won all his singles games and only lost one doubles, It can be stated that Nicholas was ‘ King of Badminton’ in Hull. What is remarkable is that he is a quiet student who goes about his everyday business with the minimum of fuss and does of his best!.

A great individual performance!

Both teams need to be congratulated for reaching the finals!

Cosi Basile – Assistant Director Of PE and Fiona Scott.

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