National Enterprise Results are in!

[15 Jun 2017]

Good morning all, the results are in! 

It was an exciting day for 90 Year 8s who took part in the annual National Enterprise Challenge 2017. Students were set a one day challenge by the CEO of Alton Towers and students role to the challenge. The competition between teams was fierce and 16 teams had to be filtered down to 9 who presented their ideas in front of their peers. 

It was a tough decision for judges and tempers rose debating for their choices until finally a winner was announced…….”Space Burger”!!!!……however…… the excitement didn’t stop there….judges reconvened and decided that it was TOO close between the top two and announced JOINT WINNERS!!! 

Going through to National Enterprise finals on July 4th 2017 are the members from teams “Space Burger” and “Galactica Travel”.

Please congratulate if you see them around the academy, they now have a gruelling two weeks of prep ready to take on over 200 other contending teams for a place to reclaim the NO.1 Key Stage 3 winners spot! 

Hoo-raa! Bring it on! 

Test link

Test link