National Sports Week – Y7 Sports Day Results

[25 Jun 2019]

To celebrate National School Sport Week 2019 the academy hosted Sports Day on Monday for all of the students in Year 7. Students had the opportunity to compete in a series of individual athletics events and also work together in different team games.

Congratulations to all those that took part! There were some fantastic displays of talent, effort and commitment.

Additional videos and pictures from the day can be found at;

Voyager House were crowned the House champions for the day. The individual results in the boys and girls categories are below:

Individual Athlete – Boys

1st: Jack Nilsson

2nd: Celestin Mukambu

3rd: James Carroll

Individual Athlete – Girl

1st: Ruby Bennett

2nd: Millie Pougher

3rd: Stevie Kelly

Tuesday’s proposed Year 8 Sports Days will have to be reviewed due to the weather. Forecast has lots of rain so the students might need to bring some arm bands and prepare their Front Crawl!…

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