New Age Kurling Match Report 23.2.18

[26 Feb 2018]

New Age Kurling – Friday 23rd February

Team A:
Logan Edson
Thomas Moore
Megan Myers

Team B:
Charlie Harrison
Leon Casey
Mia Harrison

Team A:
Sam Ward
Ben White
Flynn Clark

Team B:
Luke Carter
Sophie Jackman
Leah Carr

Clearly inspired by the efforts of the GB Curling teams our band of brothers and sisters loaded onto the bus ready to do battle…they hoped, however, to one up their counterparts out in Pyeongchang and claim a medal. There was an electricity in the van as we arrived at the St Mary’s College Ice(less) Arena. The teams were announced on the bus and Mrs Watson went over last minute tactical notes. Competition organiser Mark Arridge announced that it was the biggest New Age Kurling event ever organised by Hull Active Schools. We knew we had our work cut out for us, but the teams were ready.

Key Stage 3
Sirius A were able to sweep away, no pun intended, their first 3 opponents with straight forward victories. The break obviously threw the team out as mixed results meant they finished a respectable 5th place.

Sirius B found it tougher going finishing 8th of 9. On another day, if luck had gone their way it could have been a different story. However, the team never gave in or stopped smiling!

Key Stage 4
It was a medal rush for the KS4 teams as the A team of Sam Ward, Flynn Clark and Ben White were in imperious form and ran away with the KS4 competition. They went undefeated to claim an impressive gold medal.

The team of Luke Carter, Sophie Jackman and Leah Carr (playing up a key stage) also handled themselves impressively. Despite patchy form towards the close of the competition their excellent start kept them in medal contention. However, it wasn’t until the final match of the competition when they secured 3rd place and a bronze medal with a dominant win!

As ever, it is always wonderful to come away with a medal, but the most important thing is all the students enjoyed the experience. Judging by the looks on their faces and talking to them, that goal was met! Please pass on ‘well dones’ to the students if you see them around the academy, they deserve it!

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