New Age Kurling Tournament: Friday 10th

[13 Feb 2017]

Sirius Academy West A
Sophie ‘Sharpshooter’ Jackman
Lilly ‘Dead Eye’ Hodgson
Aiden ‘A-Bomb’ Ward
Luke ‘Lionheart’ Carter

Sirius Academy West B
Charlie ‘The Hammer’ Harrison
‘Rowdy’ Rachael  Featherstone
Jack ‘Attack’ Newbold
Kai ‘1 Shot’ Marshall

After some excellent scouting by Julie Watson our crack team of 8 curling superstars were ready to go, ready to compete…ready for war. The bus ride had an electric atmosphere with Mrs Watson leading the chanting, singing and games, but it was clear we meant business as soon as we pulled up to St Mary’s.

With 9 teams in attendance it was sure to be a hard days competition but one to look forward to.

Rnd 1:
SAW A were slow to start losing 4-1 in their opening fixture. Ward scoring the consolation points.

SAW B performed well and were unlucky not to win after having a 2-0 lead until the final end when some excellent play from St Marys C snatched a draw from the jaws of defeat. 2-2

Rnd 2:
With still plenty of games to come, a positive result would put SAW A right back into the thick of it. A positive result is exactly what they got, thanks in no small part, to Aiden Ward who threw the stone of his life clearing the house of opposition blue sealing a 2 point opening end. The good start continued…5-0 final score.

SAW B also flew out the traps and gained another 2-0 lead and this time they would not be denied their win. A consolation point gave us a 2-1 win.

Rnd 3:
Momentum was well and truly with SAW A as Carter, Hodgson, Jackman and Ward all scored in a 5-1 demolition in their 3rd game. The title charge was back on track.

The close games continued as a back and forth contest ensued for SAW B. But it was Kai who sent down the decisive stone in a hard fought 4-3 win.

Rnd 4:
SAW A were looking down the barrel…1-0 down, 1 end gone. That was until Jackman put an inch perfect stone into the house to make it 1-1. The final end was a tight affair with St Mary’s A slightly edging it until Carter released his effort. Time stood still as the stone glided up and collided with St Mary’s stone…clear! Carter knew the importance as both he and Ward let out roars of delight as the final stone settled in the house! 3-1 win, this team are on FIRE!

SAW B continued their march as they brushed off their opposition with a straight forward 3-1 win. SAW B meant business, they were there to win.

Rnd 5:
It was inevitable that eventually the 2 Sirius sides would clash. We knew the winner of this would give themselves a great chance of claiming top spot. Perhaps it was the sense of occasion that affected SAW A and SAW B cruised to a 3-0 victory!

Rnd 6:

SAW B continued their unbeaten run with another 2-2 draw. Charlie Harrison playing her stone exceptionally into a guard position allowing Newbold and Featherstone to score the 2 points.

Rnd 7:
SAW A  seemed overcome  by the weight of expectation and lacked focus as they slumped to a 2nd defeat in a row.7-1 loss final score, a quick pep talk from Mrs Watson would surely change the tide in the next fixture…time would tell.

The confidence SAW B left their 2-1 victory with told me they knew they were good, but champions elect? Who knew.

Rnd 8:
It can only be put down the Mrs Watson’s inspiring team talk that turned SAW A’s fortunes and as Hodgson cleared the House of all opposing stones with an explosive effort, this was enough for a 2-0 lead. Ward was again on form as he curled in a diving, swerving, looping effort round the oppositions guard stone. Giving us a final score of 4-1.


Rnd 9:
A ferocious start gave SAW A a 3-0 lead after end 1. This lead would be built on in the 2nd and 3rd ends giving a final score of 6-1 in the final game of their campaign. A job well done.

Unfortunately an undefeated record wasn’t to be as the hotshots struggled to find the magic touch again losing 5-0.

Final Results:
You could cut the tension with a knife as the standings were read out. 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th all announced with a Sirius West team included, top 4 for both Champions League was the target, that’s what we got.

4th….St Mary’s B
3rd (and Bronze Medal)…. Sirius West Academy A
2nd…I glanced at Mrs Watson who’s nail were bitten to the quick….Sirius Academy…North!

Sirius West Academy B s had done it, Champions!

Fantastic morning with everyone’s attitude remaining excellent. Well deserved to both teams who played it in the right spirit.

Big thank you to Julie Watson for helping and Alex Sherwood for running the event.

Well done again everyone.

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