New Boys Get Off To A Great Start! Sirius 3 Winifred Holtby 2

[22 Sep 2017]

Year 7 Football – New Boys Get Off To A Great Start! Sirius 3 Winifred Holtby 2

Sirius Academy West Year 7 Football Team got off to a fabulous start with a 3-2 victory over Winifred Holtby with a tenacious and hard fought win.

An exciting encounter which could of gone either way.   

It was Sirius who dominated the earlier stages. The team well marshaled defensively with Max Sadler in goal who ‘saved our bacon’ on a few occasions;

Daniel Bunce; Jamie Whiting; Keane Pyzer; in midfield Mason Elliott; Harry Shooter; Ethan Kirkby; Klaidas Kalkauskas ; and led up front by the outstanding Reece Shipley.

It was Reece Shipley who opened the scoring with a ‘Valencia’ type goal- a bullet of a shot from 30 yards! As a lone striker he caused their defence many problems throughout the game. 1-0 at half-time.

Winifred came out fighting and levelled early in the second half. The game flowed from end to end with chances for both sides. Reece Shipley was involved again in us taking a fortunate lead when their keeper, who had been excellent, made an error and fumbled the ball across the line from a cross come shot. 

Liam Wilkinson; Reece Waites; Ben McCarthy; and Charlie Matchett made their debuts with Sirius coming under severe pressure. Sirius overcame the hurdle and managed to break away and get a third goal again from the irresistible Shipley! 

Thinking the game might be won Winifred went right back up the other end of the field and snatched a second goal. Sirius managed to hold on but it was close!

Nevertheless, a great start and a victory with some hard work ahead of us to get better! 

Another difficult test with a game next Tuesday away to St. Mary’s .

Please congratulate the boys for their efforts. An encouraging start!

Thanks to Martin Smith for his support in managing the team.

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