New Sim Card To Stop Bullying

[23 May 2012]

A new SIM card has been launched which promises to prevent mobile phone related bullying. The new ‘bemilo,’ (an anagram of mobile) puts parents in charge of your phone so they have the service to block certain numbers contacting you and also have the ability to read text messages to make sure that you are not being bullied. Simon Goff, the creator of the device explained: “the advice from the major networks is to change your number if you’re being bullied. With Bemilo you can just block them.” The SIM card will never block you from calling your parents even if you have run out of credit. It also gives the power to restrict Internet access during certain hours. Concerns were raised about whether parents would simply use the device to spy on their children’s activities, but Mr. Goff stated: “It’s not about snooping or spying, it’s simply protection.” It will be available in shops later this month and the online service is launched today.

We asked students from Sirius Academy their views on the matter:

Hollie Lowthorpe (Year 11) said: “I think it is a bad idea, it shows there is no trust and removes independence for the person to have to deal with their own problems. They have to rely on others.”

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