Orienteering Talent Camp

[04 Apr 2017]
Sirius West was joined by 44 talented year 5 students on Tuesday 3 April for an afternoon of map reading and searching for controls with Neil Harvatt from HALO Orienteering. 
Blessed with beautiful weather, the students spent the session under the sun learning how to orientate, thumb and interpret the key displayed on a map of the academy. Working in pairs, students put into practice these new found skills by undertaking several different courses located on the rugby pitches. 
Students flew between the different control points in an impressive display of stamina and determination, checking in using electronic dibbers which they wore on their fingers. In the field, Lewis Bibby, Sam McAuley and Lauren McClean were on hand to support any students who had lost their way and redirect them on the correct path.
Once the last control was located, students raced to the finish line in order to stop the clock and beat their opponents. On the desk, Kirstin Young, Kalisha Quantock and Hollie Young worked speedily to print out the scores, record the times and check that the course was followed correctly.
Students then gathered round to find out if their time was worthy of first, second or third place and the prize. Congratulations to the winning pairs which came from Christopher Pickering Primary School (3rd place) and Ainthorpe Primary School (2nd and 1st place) who proved triumphant in what proved to be a tight competition. 
A special thank you to Neil Harvatt for planning and running the session, the Sports Scholarship students for their invaluable support and the staff at Ainthorpe, Christopher Pickering, Alderman Cogen CofE and Newington Primary Schools for enabling their students to attend.
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