Outstanding performance at Secondary event GEW Week 2016

[21 Nov 2016]

On Monday 16th November Global Enterprise Week 2016 officially launched. Businesses and millions of schools across the globe get involved in promoting enterprise education with their budding students. Hull is the official City of Culture 2017 and we are especially keen to promote the growing outstanding talent of young people and their entrepreneurial skills across the city.

On Thursday 17th November 2016, Sirius Academy West competed, along with other secondary educational institutions from across other areas of the city, in the Secondary Enterprise Masterclass and Careers Fair at Guildhall.

GEW focuses on promoting the BIG 13 enterprise skills in young people that can help them to develop their own confidence but also excel in their academic studies, their school life and in the world of work.  For the secondary day, Students were pitted against each other in teams throughout the day competing for £1000 in prizes. Mrs Smalley and Ms. Norton accompanied a team of 28 Year 9 students, most of whom are studying Business Enterprise, from Sirius Academy West who were competing in the event. Students were tasked with bridge building ice breaker challengers, although some interesting structures were created they could not withhold the weight of the box test. Students also listened to inspiring and motivational speakers such as Andy pickles, The Jive Bunny master mixer himself as well as Adam Cobally, famous for his time in ‘The Apprentice’ before finally being set their challenge by Sangwin.

Students were also challenged to take part in Hull’s first collaborative mannequin challenge! See Twitter, GEWHull youtu.be/xydRb2Fui08 to see the clip for yourself!

Competition was fierce and over 22 teams were competing at the event, although high praise was given by the judges for the ‘original application’ and ‘thought provoking’ designs of the Year 9 Team, unfortunately they did not make it through to the final 9.  Sirius Academy west Teams worked hard to produce their ‘classroom designs and showcased their dedication and careful consideration to what the needs of learners in a classroom are. Although a Sirius Team did not win, spirits were well and truly high from the days events. Some students stated “I didn’t know what to expect and thought it would be boring, but I really enjoyed it and really liked the challenged”

All students who took part were a credit to the Academy but especially to themselves, well done Teams!

Thank you to everyone involved in supporting the day, and to everyone who continues to support and promote the growing entrepreneurial talent that we have at Sirius College and Sirius Academy.

Mrs Claire Smalley

Coordinator of Business Enterprise

If you would like to find out more, follow GEWHull on Twitter or #GEW2016

Test link

Test link