Oxford trip report

[22 Jun 2011]

Our trip to Oxford was very interesting and useful. It allowed us to have an intriguing and inspirational insight into higher education life, and specifically University life at Oxford.

While there we participated in many different activities such as a question and answer session with students from the university, a scavenger hunt and a visit to the Museum of Natural History.

We stayed on Campus in student dorm’s which gave us a first-hand experience on what student accommodation is like and what it would be like to live on the campus with fellow students. We were also given a tour of the University and experienced where we would be studying if we were to study at Oxford; we also experienced ‘University Cuisine’ as we were provided with an evening meal and breakfast in the morning.

However, we discovered that going to University doesn’t mean you have to forget your social life and can’t have fun with your friends; around the campus there were many fun things to do such as shop’s, cinema’s and nightclubs.

To conclude, we think that the trip was very inspirational and we will definitely consider attending University/higher education after our School life.

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