Personal Development Pathway – Pledges

[06 Feb 2020]
Thank you to those staff that have already shown an interest in our Personal Development Pathway, launched the Pledges with their students and provided them with the opportunity to start completing their Pledge Passports.
The idea is that these are a constant presence throughout the academic year and that students are encouraged to complete them regularly. Little and often is probably the best way. We are not expecting students to complete them in one go!
We’ve had some brilliant examples of written accounts to evidence completed Pledges. Well done to those provided by E03-RAB and V01-ALY!  The pictures below show a combination of written and photographic evidence. They also show a combination of staff signing off on each pledge to indicate it’s been completed.
Deadline for the entries to The Deep Family Pass is the end of the week. Please have a selected Pledge Passport from your Tutor ready for House Briefing on Monday.
Test link

Test link