Phoenix Dance Workshop

[11 Jan 2012]

Year 10 Btec Dance spent a morning working with a professional dancer from Phoenix Dance theatre. This formed part of their Btec Dance Unit C14 – Contemporary Dance

Students worked in a contemporary style throughout the morning, students spent the first 30 minutes completing a contemporary warm up. The warm up focused on body alignment, posture, balance, coordination, release and fall.

The second section of the workshop involved students learning part of the professional repertoire of the routine ‘Melt’. Melt is a professional dance piece performed on tour by Phoenix Theatre. Artistic Director Sharon Watson’s Melt sees elements colliding as dancers swoop and glide across the stage in a graceful. Set to the distinctive, evocative music of Mercury Music Prize nominees Wild Beasts.

Students worked hard to learn the choreography and were able to perform in small groups in order to be assessed.

The final part of the workshop required students to create their own choreography. Students performed their duets to the class and the professional dancer actually assessed all students and gave great praise to their attitude effort and dance ability.

Well done to all the students who took part.

Abbie Bellwood

Annesse Jessop

Chloemay Tyson

Danica Day

Dannelle Paige

Elisha Coult

Georgia Burton

Jodie Stanford

Jordan Wall

Julija Kondratenko,

Kara Harold

Laura Yaxley

Lauren Rainger

Monica Wharram

Renell Byas

Samantha Brown

Shona Thompson

Paulina Wloddarska

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