Pupil Improvement Programme (PIP) complete their second training day

[26 Feb 2014]

The PIP (pupil improvement programme) team met on the 11/2/14 to complete the second part of their training. Students explored the following aspects:

Main priorities of the group – what should it do?Roles and RulesWhat makes a good lesson?Effective student behaviours/ effective learning behavioursLesson peer observationsLesson peer Feedback

Students generated ideas, feedback and resources in order to establish protocols for what makes a good lesson, how to observe and give feedback to their peers.

The students completed a mini observation of a lesson using IRIS technology. The feedback they gave was fantastic and showed a real understanding about what outstanding learning looks like.

The next stage for students in half term 4 is to complete live observations and feedback to peers.

Students were rewarded for their contribution with their brand new PIP badge!

Well done to the students involved:

Alisha Pearson

Kim Elgar

Kera Rotherham

Bilal Mohammed

William Beaumont

Adam Burton

Caitlin Cursons

Harry Knight

Charlotte Johnson

Emma Drurey

Kelsey Boreman

Charlotte Winton

Livvy Beedham

Molly Johnson

Travis Whitelock

Emily Broderick

Kane Brown

Shannon Chaffer

Lucie Karlson

Jessica Coult

Rhys Baron

Lydia Featherston

Callum Branklin

Raegan Hanson-Jackman

Breah Boyle

Milly Johnson

Belal Zamani

Paige Shaw

Ryan Hinch

Shannon White

Raahim Aziz

George Wegg



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