Play in a day 8/5/13

[09 May 2013]

30 Year 9 students worked with professional theatre company Konflux theatre to meet the challenge of creating a ‘play in a day’. Students began the day with no material and minimal experience of performing or drama skills. By the end of the day students were able to perform a 15 minute play to 100 Year 7 students.

The play was based around science and environment and focused on the ideas of ‘Reduce, Re-use and Recycle’. Students developed their drama skills, through role play and improvisation and worked from a set script. Students grew in confidence throughout the day and worked effectively as a team in order to perform the production in front of staff and students. The play was creative, informative and aspects of humour flowed effectively throughout.

Thanks to Rhonda Clarke who supported students throughout the day, the students were a credit to the academy.

Test link

Test link